ESA Security Path

At ESA, we constantly review all the elements required by an organisation on its path to risk recognition, through the design, implementation, operation, and updating of security plans, with the aim of limiting the risks to life, property, and operations.

Our teams work tirelessly with the aim of continuously updating all elements required on the path from the recognition of a risk to its definitive resolution. Through the fully integrated design and planning, continuous monitoring of its implementation and updating of security plans, we minimise the potential threat to human life and real and tangible property.


‘Why should we invest in security?’ The answer to this question comes after careful examination and recording of the threats that you might face. This answer then provides the starting point and the direction that the search for specific measures in order to manage the risks to life and the client’s property and operations will take.

• Risk Assessment
Together with you, ESA’s experienced risk assessment team will investigate and assess how specific threats can increase your security risk. We look for threats to the identity and operations of your organisation as they are revealed through analysis.

• Risk Evaluation
The quantifying of risk and therefore its evaluation is valuable information that will determine how much the organisation should spend to achieve a safe operational environment. ESA’s assessment team will work alongside you to determine the identity and extent of possible threats before and after specific measures are taken.


‘How can possible risk be minimised?’ The answer to this comes from the team that designs the risk mitigation measures. In cooperation with the assessment team, a plan is drawn up to address all risks through a mixture of technology, human resources, and procedures.

• Protection Concepts Design
The security solution for every threat is tailored, substantive, and detailed, providing analytical information on all the resources of which it consists. In addition to specialised technology and human resources, the design team provides flow charts and detailed procedures that will successfully resolve the management of an incident.


‘How are the proposed security solutions implemented?’ The answer comes from the cooperation between the individual departments involved in the proposed security solutions. It is through this cooperation that the most suitable products and services emerge, which, individually and/or collectively, constitute the most appropriate proposal.

• Manned Security Services

  • Critical Infrastructures
    – Aviation
    – High-Risk Infrastructure
    – Ports & Port Facilities
  • Commercial Security
    – Retail
    – Hospitality

• Life Safety & Security Systems
– Security Systems
– Fire Alarm Systems
– Integrated LS&S Systems
– PSIM & Fusion Platforms

• Value-added services
– Incident Management Services
– Vehicular & UAV Patrol and Response
– Threat Analysis & Risk Assessments
– Consultancy Services


‘How is a high level of security maintained?’ At ESA, we believe that the continuous updating of the solutions implemented is key to the effective security that we provide to our clients. Conclusions drawn from management, threat analysis, and new data provided by technology are the basic tools our team uses within the framework of continual updating.

• Security Planning Reviews
The constant evaluation of the parameters of a security plan and the receipt of real-time operational data feed into updates that ensure its effectiveness. At the same time, the renewal of work instructions and the continual training of our staff contribute to the constant upgrading of the services we provide.

• Extensions Renovations
The continual modernisation of technology following international developments and its expansion to better meet new requirements is one of the basic tasks carried out by our team to ensure the smooth operation of our clients’ security.

• Corrective and Preventative Maintenance
Correctional and preventative maintenance of the technological equipment, as part of the support included in the security plan, is necessary to ensure it functions effectively and without interruption.

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