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During 2022, ESA continued its upward trend and increased its turnover. The significant increase it achieved came mainly after undertaking an important project for the manned security of migrant facilities, a significant rise in aviation activity in the post COVID-19 era and the renegotiation of the commercial framework, as well as the maintenance of the contribution of sales and the profitability of security solutions and technology projects.

Sales in 2022 were significantly strengthened, reaching a level of nearly EUR 69 million, the highest turnover recorded in our 25 years of operation. At the same time, we proceeded with investments in human resources and technical infrastructure to enable the company to respond to the increased demand both for manned services and for the study, installation, and oversight of high-tech and efficient security solutions. As a result of the above, the company recorded earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) of EUR 3.62 million and a pre-tax profit of EUR 2.42 million.

ESA bears in mind the social, environmental, and governmental challenges that affect the security sector. It is certified with ISOs that relate to, inter alia, systems for the management of social responsibility, health and safety at work, road safety, and management of energy and the environment. Its aim is to create value for its investors, its workers and society in general, demonstrating respect for the environment by reinforcing its policies with new and updated processes for sustainable development.

Turnover for 2023 is expected to be further strengthened and to reach levels higher than EUR 78 million. This anticipated increase in turnover is expected to come mainly from the expansion of the company’s aviation activity at Athens International Airport, the evolution of existing contracts from manned services, and the enhancement of security solutions and technology projects.

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