At ESA, we initiate and evolve innovation in the security sector at iconic locations across the country. The combination of technology and people to achieve even greater effectiveness across the totality of security services is at the heart of our operations. Using a holistic approach, we formulate security solutions for businesses in every individual sector.


For us, the transport sector is an area of special interest and investment. Ports, airports, and railways require complete security solutions as they involve people, moveable assets, and challenging facilities.
A fundamental concern of the management of our company is the continuous harmonisation of our services and human resources with international best practices and codes of practice such as IPSIS for port facilities and the National Regulation for Civil Aviation Security of the Civil Aviation Authority for air transport.
Our certified and well-trained team is in the advantageous position of being able to undertake any security project for land, air, or maritime transport.


The increased demands of organisations active in the energy sector can be met not just by the advice of experienced partners who can immediately respond to any challenge, but mainly by the ability to design innovative and economical competitive solutions.
To implement the solutions required, we rely on:
• the technical knowledge we have gained in the energy sector, having carried out more than 100 installations in solar power plants
• the cutting-edge technology supplied by well-known international manufacturers
• the comprehensive provision of all services required (design, installation, preventative and corrective maintenance, updating, and upgrading).

Industries - Construction

Our many years of experience gained from projects in industrial premises, mines, building sites, and construction at national level, in combination with a constant inflow of international technical expertise, ensure the smooth execution of lengthy and demanding contracts in the industrial sector.

Thus, we guarantee the provision of high-level services to:
• Facilities with an extensive perimeter
• Production facilities
• Facilities for the storage and delivery of raw materials and products
• Office premises

At the same time, ESA designs and implements security solutions and fire protection with a long service life – Product Life Cycle Management – which stand out for their ease of maintenance and scalability and therefore protect the whole of our industrial clients’ investment.

Large and Multinational Organisations

The needs of a multinational organisation operating in the demanding environment of the Greek market take many forms.
At ESA, we understand these needs, we know the environment and processes of multinational organisations, guaranteeing the secure operation of both office buildings and branches/facilities throughout the country.

We are a ‘one stop shop’ for the whole range of solutions required, ensuring that our clients have all the advantages provided by a partnership with just one reliable supplier.

Public Sector and Education

ESA’s client list includes numerous public organisations, to which, as contractor following a tendering process, we provide high quality services, going beyond our contractual obligations if necessary.
Our reputation as the most modern and successful company in the sector, the number and qualifications of our staff, our good financial standing, and our steady trajectory over time, all guarantee the smooth, reliable, and responsible fulfilment of our contracts.

Commercial Enterprises

Preventing theft in display areas in department stores and retail chains is a factor that has a direct effect on the profitability of a commercial enterprise as well as its smooth operation.

The solutions we implement are based on modern technology and discreet approaches such as:
• Antitheft Protection Systems
• Store Detectives
• Video Analytics

The technological solutions we use can also be extended to marketing applications such as queue analysis and people counting.

Athletic – Cultural Events

Providing security services in venues where various cultural or athletic events are held demands both organisational and operation competence.
Over several years, ESA has provided security services to the most important cultural and athletic venues in Greece.
With the necessary organisational structures, the right number of personnel, as well as many years of experience, we assure the success of any regular or one-off cultural or athletic event.

Financial Institutions

Building on our nationwide presence, our partnership with leading manufacturers of security systems, as well as our many years of experience, in line with international standards and regulations, we provide the best techno-economic solutions exclusively for financial institutions, such as: VdS, Kalagate and BGV (UVV-Kassen).

Among the services we provide are:
• Security for branches and central services.
• Comprehensive solutions for the electronic protection of a broad network of branches (ATMs, areas for the storing and circulation of securities, transaction areas) as well as the premises of central services.
• The handling of alarms, with the choice of visual and auditory confirmation by our 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Centre.
• Remote technical support from our Technical Incident Management Centre.

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