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Safety, the value that promotes the development and smooth functioning of each individual and organization. When it is guaranteed, the standard of living increases and development is assured.

For us at ESA Security Solutions, a basic principle is ensuring that all those who trust us can operate in a safe environment. The creation and maintenance of this framework is our responsibility.

The design of the right security solutions, with the participation of the human element, technology, innovation, and procedures, guarantees the limitation of possible threats.

Based on our staff’s many years of experience, our technical know-how, our range of partnerships, our ability to work on a national scale, and the continuous addition of innovative solutions, we design and implement integrated protection proposals, adapted to our clients’ operational environment, and needs.

Manned Security Services

ESA’s security personnel consists of a large, seasoned group of trained and certified guards, ready at any moment to meet the most complex security requirements anywhere in the country. We provide security services to the most demanding specifications, focusing on the selection, training, and supervision of our staff. We hold a leading position in the Greek market, with a long list of clients from the private and public sectors.

• Aviation & Ports
More than 600 certified ESA security personnel provide screening services for passengers, hand luggage, luggage, and cargo. We provide security services at airports as a company certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (in accordance with National Civil Aviation Security Regulations) as well as at port facilities, in accordance with the international ISPS code.

• Critical Facilities
Critical facilities are a unique area for the implementation of security services. Through the multi-level and thematic training of our security personnel, we are orientated towards the provision of security services to organisations involved in transport, energy, and telecommunications and those operating in demanding high-risk environments.

• Commercial Security
Commercial security is always a challenge, where a high level of security must be balanced with the needs of our customers in order for them to continue to provide a high level of service to their stakeholders. At ESA, we actively support the needs of commercial organisations, applying an effective security strategy with a smile.

Life Safety and Security Systems

Systems for the protection of moveable and immovable property, facilities, and individuals, are necessary to prevent or detect threats. In each case, the selection of the most suitable systems is achieved following a thorough study of the premises, the details of the requirements, and the functions they will serve.
Ease and convenience of the functionality of these systems form the components of a concrete security plan.

• Security Services
Our team of engineers have designed and installed some of the most important electronic protection projects in Greece. We represent top-name international construction companies, providing comprehensive technical proposals for the effective use of technology in all types of facilities.
For us, it is a conscious strategic development choice to examine and apply innovative proposals capable of redefining the mixture of technology and the human element with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the security plan while reducing costs

• Fire Alarm Systems
We provide complete systems for detecting and extinguishing fires as well as detecting toxic and explosive gasses. These systems can detect and locate fires or gas leaks and extinguish fires at an early stage.

• Integrated LS&S Systems
The technological unification of security systems on shared platforms constitutes an innovative approach to managing incidents reported by these systems, ensuring ease in the usage and a short reaction time.

• PSIM and Fusion Platforms
PSIM and FUSION platforms ensure that the security plan is comprehensive, combining within it not just innovative technological systems, but the human element as well. Besides designing and implementing systems, ESA provides comprehensive solutions with the provision of incident management procedures for the staff, as well as the necessary training.

• Extensions, Renovations and Maintenance Services
The expansion, upgrading, and maintenance of systems that have been installed increases their lifespan and ensures that they operate without interruption and productively throughout the period of investment.

Value-Added Services

For us, upgrades to security services constitute an important link in the chain of designing effective security solutions. Choosing to apply them strengthens a security solution, closing any gaps there may be in effective risk control.

• Incident Management Centre
The Incident Management Centre (IMC) handles all incidents reported from connected security systems, as well as incidents reported by manned services, 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Management is handled through the use of innovative equipment and programs, which, through the deployment of AI, form behavioural rules that provide additional information on the possible development of events.

• Vehicular & UAV Patrol & Response
Vehicle patrols and the rapid response of manned teams are an important tool for raising the security level of premises and for dealing with incidents. Their effectiveness is increased exponentially with the parallel deployment of surveillance and intervention by drones. ESA’s specialist team ensures that the security plan includes the effective use of drones, as well as their operation with innovative techniques and surveillance algorithms.

• Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment
For us at ESA, the analysis of threats and identification of dangers faced by an organisation constitute the foundation of an integrated security plan, ensuring at the same time the effective use of the investment made by the client concerning their security.

• Consulting Services
The multifaceted qualifications and experience of our executives, the continuous training of our staff, and our expertise in the use of innovative technology are at the service of our clients in order to help them arrive at the suitable solutions for the use of our services and security systems.

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