ESA as a “Great Place to Work” – A prestigious distinction

ESA is proud to announce its certification as a “Great Place to Work”.
This is a globally recognized distinction since more than 10,000 companies in over 60 countries apply each year to receive this certification, which is considered a milestone as it concerns the recognition of the quality of the working environment.
This is a distinction of particular importance for our company, as it reflects the massive participation of ESA’s employees in the research of the international organization Great Place to Work. The participation of our people is an acknowledgement of the company’s dedication to creating a work environment that promotes open communication and a sense of security.
ESA is the only company in the industry to achieve the “Great Place to Work” certification, demonstrating that it is a company that offers support, trust, and opportunities for development.
At the same time, however, ESA’s distinction as a “Great Place to Work” is also a promise for the future. We pledge to continue to support with the same passion and dedication a working environment where every voice is heard, every initiative is encouraged, and every success is celebrated.
We thank the entire ESA family for their great contribution to this prestigious award, whose hard work and dedication has made our company a “Great Place to Work”.

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