ESA provides complete security solutions of Enel's parks

Enel is one of the largest companies which operates in renewable energies sources in five continents with 1200 parts in 27 countries and with a total energy production 46 Gigawatt. It's primary goal is a better and cleaner planet producing zero emission clean energy. In Europe it possesses units in Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Enel in order to cover their needs about the security of their facilities in Greece, has chosen ESA since October 2019. ESA, providing complete security solutions through the certified Incident Management Center (CMS) with electronic remote monitoring of alarm signals for 33 photovoltaic parks throughout Greece, with simultaneous electronic alarm verification (Video Verification) and electronic patrol (Video Patrol) , using smart cameras technology Video Analytics, ensures the smooth operation of Enel's parks.

At the same time, ESA, with its specialized technical staff, has undertaken the full maintenance and support of the park equipment, as well as their ad hoc physical guarding.

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