ESA has undertaken to meet the security needs of EUROENERGY,

ESA since April 2020, has undertaken to meet the security needs of EUROENERGY, a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) of the Libra group, which operates in Greece and Romania, with photovoltaic establishments and wind park. With the acquisition of existing modules but also with the creation of new ones, EuroEnergy is constantly increasing its portfolio, always aiming to provide sustainable energy at competitive prices.

Encouraging its work, ESA provides the electronic monitoring of alarm signals in 32 photovoltaic parks, with simultaneous electronic verification of alarms (Video Verification) and always through its certified Event Management Center (EMS).

As part of the services provided, ESA technical staff has undertaken both the upgrade of the park monitoring systems with the use of new advanced technologies, as well as the protective and remedial maintenance of their equipment, achieving their safe operation.

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