“Hire character and train skill”

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HEART (Human Evaluation and Recruitment Tool) is the heart of our operation! The innovative system developed and implemented for recruiting, evaluating, selecting and training the right people manning our projects.

Through HEART, our HR department completes a clear picture of each candidate (knowledge, skills and personality) which is utilized by assigning the right person in the right place. With HEART system we choose partners and not employees, developing professionals with motivation and responsibility.

HEART utilizes a modern software platform for managing an extensive data base of valuable data and information. Our HR executives are certified by international bodies such as the National Board for Certified Counselors- NBCC International to seek and choose the best candidates through a series of objective evaluations which explore knowledge, abilities and skills. Main points of differentiation from conventional evaluation methods consist of the following processes:

  • Technical evaluation of professional skills and abilities, which includes both general knowledge questions as well as more specialized ones (access control, control room, etc.)
  • Psychometric assessment testing tools, such as Personality Questionnaires and Abilities Test, which reveal intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits and result in detailed reports
  • Final selection and recruitment interview, based on tools that are provided by worldwide acknowledged certifications (Global Career Development Facilitator, Mental Health Facilitator, Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Evidently HEART develops the human dimension of our organization. We invest in the qualitative characteristics and potentiality of our people, thus implementing our fundamental corporate values: effectiveness, sincerity and alertness.

In ESA security solutions our People make the difference!

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