Sensitivity to the environment and actions


In ESA we make every effort to promote environmental awareness and actions at all business levels, as well as in the operation of our facilities. We employ environmentally friendly policies and practices and we are certified according to EN ISO:14001 in the following areas:

  • Promotion of recycling in the workplace
  • Installation of special containers for the collection of paper, glass, plastic, batteries, printer supplies and electronic equipment
  • Control of electricity consumption and actions for its reductionrecycle
  • Replacement of energy intensive office equipment with corresponding energy-efficient products
  • Measurement and reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Rational use of natural resources

Moreover, through our company’s Integrated Management System, we have developed and we implement a process of identification of potential emergencies or potential accidents, in order to ensure prevention of impacts on the environment, as well as the application of appropriate mitigation measures to address any such impacts.

The prevention and treatment of environmental accidents is supported by proper maintenance of our facilities and equipment, training of our employees and our efforts to reduce impacts through the use of environmentally-friendly materials and processes.

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