Children Festival, of «ESA» workers in Athens and Thessaloniki



Group games, graffiti- street art, dance, tight hugs and lots of selfies!!


The younger family members of ESA Security, employee’s children, were the guests of  the celebration festivals in Athens and in Thessaloniki, accordingly.

Animations, magic tricks and illusion effects kept the interest of the young guests who attended the event, in "InnovAthens" Technopolis, in Athens steady, while the older kids spent creative time performing street art, graffitis, spray paints, under the supervision of the well-known architect -street artist, Manolis Iliopoulos

A customized graffiti also transformed the façade of the "InnovAthens" building, since the white was surprisingly altered to street-art!!! Teenagers expressed themselves with the help of ESA's branding colours –Blue and Grey- to create a unique representation of the logo.

Surprises, creative workshops, animation, face painting, paintings, crafts, and teem games enjoyed  the children in “Eirinis Village”, in Thessaloniki. The young “invitees” received special gifts : school bags for the youngest, fashionable back packs (bearing with a bus handle (!) - the latestfashion trend) for the teens who attended in Athens, while  educational toys were offered to all children in Thessaloniki.

In ESA Security, with a high sense of social sensitivity, we stand by our people and their families


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