ESA Security Solutions have expanded their cooperation with HELPE

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Hellenic Petroleum, the leading Energy group in Southeast Europe, operating in 6 countries, renewed and expanded cooperation with ESA for the next three years.

Initial contract was in 2015, with main scope was the provision of security services to group’s commercial segment - EKO SA and Greek Fuels SA facilities.

New contract (started January 1, 2019) expands scope of services and geographical footprint. More specifically, it includes integrated security solutions to a total of 25 premises across the country: Petrol Refineries, Industrial and Logistic structures, Ports, the Headquarter buildings and the monitoring & security response of 200 Gas stations.

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ESA ensures the continuous operations of Hellenic Petroleum Group by implementing the European Civil protection principles and norms for Critical Infrastructure, deploying 270 specially trained security agents and a fleet of patrol vehicles.

Hellenic Petroleum is the leading energy group in Southeastern Europe, with operations in 6 countries and is listed in Athens (ATHEX) and London Stock Exchange (LSE). Group transformation from oil to energy is implemented through international activities, acquisitions, strategic alliances and a new business development plan for selective profitable investments in new sectors. In 2017, Group's turnover exceeded €8 billion    




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