The European Group of Davis Cup selects ESA for its security services

Group III of the European Group of Davis Cup was held at the Tatoi Club from the 4th until the 11th of September, attracting the interest of the European Tennis community. Greece's National Team played all four days of the competition, with Stefanos Tsitsipas as its principal contestant for the 2020 Play-Off qualifiers. Alongside him in the team, were also, Michalis Pervolarakis, Markos Kalovelonis and Petros Tsitsipas. ESA participated from the design through to the execution of the games, with a highly skilled security workforce that totaled 30 agents. ESA’was in charge of the overall security of the Athletic Facilities, the safety of the audience, the athletes and their families and all VIP’s and members of the TATOI Tennis Club located at 22 Eritrea Street in Acharnes. As a reward for their high level of security services, ESA received a special Citation from the President of the Tennis Federation and the expressed gratitude of many attendees.

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