Randstad Employer Brand: ESA Security Solutions is a leading employer in the security industry

Every year, this survey records which companies are leaders in the growth of domestic entrepreneurship in each industry, which are the factors of their success attractive and how attractive they appear as employers among their employees.


For 2020, the survey of Randstad Employer Brand pointed ESA Security Solutions out as the leading brand in the industry of Security Facilities Services having as the key factor for its growth it's influence on the industry and its attractiveness as destination for the top executives of the market and her exceptional fame.
In addition, the survey, which conducted among 185,000 executives from 6,136 companies around the world, showed that executives choose the next stage of their careers not solely on the basis of their earnings level. In fact, 50% of the worldwide candidates said they would not choose a company with a bad reputation, even if they received a high salary.

According to the Randstad Employer Brand survey, companies that have a positive image as employers receive twice as many job applications as companies with a weaker employer profile.
Building trust relationships with customers and the latter's satisfaction with the high quality of services they receive, have contributed to the excellent reputation of ESA Security Solutions in the Greek market.
In this context, the Randstad Employer Brand research highlights ESA Security Solutions as the company in its industry that creates the greatest value, both for itself and for its executives.

Excellent conditions - Best practices
The distinction of ESA Security Solutions reflects the company's long-term effort to adopt best employer practices and create excellent working conditions for its employees, thus creating a strong image in the market as a responsible and reliable employer and a magnet for talented professionals.

At the time when the labor market is characterized by difficult conditions, rapid changes and rapid development of technology, ESA Security Solutions opens daily channels of communication with its staff, providing solutions, supporting the personal development of each employee individually, providing ongoing training, as well as private insurance and health care for all employees.
In this frame, the distinction of ESA Security Solutions, certifies its leading position as a leading employer in the Security sector in Greece.

The Human Resources Department of ESA Security S.A., follows and implements the principles and values of the company, supporting all employees who are the motivated force and the key efficiency factor of ESA Security Solutions S.A.

The Human Resources department follows the prevailing trends and conditions, opening daily channels of communication with employees, providing solutions, testing changes and preparing the way for the personal development of each employee individually, through development and self-improvement strategies.
Establishing an uninterrupted and two-way open communication with them, teams are built that are inspired by a culture of high performance and professionalism and that embrace the vision and values of the company.
Believing in continuous training and professional development, training programs are carried out for the 2500 employees of ESA Security Solutions SA, with the aim of their skills development, their talent promotion and their professional training, while creating a nursery of new executives who will frame with their knowledge and dynamics the company. At ESA Security Solutions S.A., the stable business environment, the recognition and reward policy and the high percentage of "internal customer satisfaction" become a magnet for new employees and commitment and satisfaction factor for older ones.

At the same time, the Human Resources Department, implementing the company's commitment to a rewarding contribution to society, develops corporate social responsibility actions, while at the same time proceeding with donations and charities to vulnerable social groups.

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