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Smart Cash is an integrated cash management solution that enables retailers to save time and operational costs, to credit instantly the money to a bank account and to enhance the total business security level.

The solution consists of

  • Installation of high tech, cash deposit device (smart safe)
  • “Smart” software (S/W) that controls the devices and enables the on-line cash deposit
  • Broad selection of Cash Reports produced through the “smart” software
  • Full customer training in the use of the device and the software
  • 24/7 Help Desk which monitors the Smart Cash solution as a whole
  • Integrated technical support & maintenance
  • Full insurance coverage of the banked cash by Lloyd’s of London
  • Device decongestion and cash transfer to the bank

How it works

  • The user, following a fast sequence of simple steps, enters the cash into the dedicated slot of the device.
  • The device instantly:
    • counts the money at high speed
    • validates the cash and identifies counterfeits
    • prints detailed receipt of the deposited amount
    • secures the money into the embedded, high-armored, safe
  • At the same time, Smart Cash, which is connected online with the selected bank, credits the client’s bank account with the amount of cash deposited in the device; the amount is available immediately, in real time.
  • The decongestion of the device is provided by ESA’s authorized personnel, who has been given authorized access to the device.
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  • Eliminates costs related to cash management (e.g. working hours from cash counting and cash reconciliation, preparation and execution of cash in transit (CIT), cash insurance, amortization of fixed assets etc.)
  • Needs no capital expenditure as it is provided with a fixed monthly fee throughout the contract period
  • It enables on line deposits to more than one bank institutions and according to client’s needs (Bank Agnostic)
  • It instantly credits the money to the bank account
  • It provides a vast selection of cash reports related to your cash holdings
  • It incorporates full insurance coverage of the cash deposited into the device
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