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New Era for ESA – Exclusive cooperation with COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail stores COSMOTE

We would like to announce the start of our exclusive cooperationw with GERMANOS and COSMOTE stores network, marking a new chapter of strategic importance for ESA.
ESA, COSMOTE and GERMANOS join forces to introduce a new complete wireless alarm system service, ESA Home Security to the market and the consumers.
The new ESA Home Security service will be available exclusively in GERMANOS and COSMOTE retail stores, offering customers the high quality and reliability that characterizes ESA.
Specifically, three ESA packages will be available, which provide a complete solution, as all three include, apart from the most modern equipment, installation and configuration by a professional, as well as electronic incident monitoring for 2 years.
With the expertise and experience of ESA Security Solutions, these packages combine the reliability of the latest wireless technologies with ease of use, great scalability, flexibility in installation options and ultimately a worry-free service to the customer.
This new chapter in ESA’s strategic business activities sets the stage for an even broader and more dynamic presence in the Greek market, and is proof of our commitment to innovation, excellence and providing the best physical security solutions in Greece.

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ADMIE – ESA, our commitment to the security of critical infrastructure

Security, innovation, and development are the central pillars of the cooperation between ESA and ADMIE S.A (Independent Power Transmission Operator). In this framework, we are not just announcing a new partnership; we are also stating our commitment for the safety of the company’s critical infrastructure across the country.

In order to implement this project and providing security services to thirteen (13) facilities of ADMIE S.A. nationwide, ESA selected and provided a specialized security team consisting of sixty (60) people.

This collaboration is an important step towards ensuring a safe environment for our company’s activities. We remain committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

New Partnership between ESA and the Ministry of Migration and Asylum

ESA is making a vital contribution to upgrading the quality of life for beneficiaries in the reception centres of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum. To protect life and technical infrastructure, and to ensure the smooth everyday operation of the facilities, we have set up an innovative Incident Management Centre, in which technology and our human resources come together to provide integrated security services of the highest quality.

Having completed almost a year of operation in the reception centres, ESA has taken on and managed several incidents. The staff responsible for guarding the centres, and the technical systems, have both worked perfectly together to neutralise possible threats, ensuring the smooth operation of the centres while protecting life and preventing injury.

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ESA renews its valued partnership with FRAPORT GREECE

ESA and Fraport Greece have renewed their successful partnership, which began in 2017, following a new international tendering process that ended in April 2022. For the past five years, ESA has provided integrated security services to air carriers in Fraport’s Cluster A, providing 7 airports with 700 security inspectors.

More specifically, at 7 of Fraport’s airports in Thessaloniki, Kavala, Corfu, Aktio, Cephalonia, Zakynthos, and Chania, ESA ensures:

  • Access control and screening of people and hand luggage
  • Screening of luggage with the use of hight-tech CT scanners, specially designed for security checks
  • Checks on cargo and post and supplies to flights and airports
  • Security checks and access control at airport facilities
  • Vehicle and foot patrols of exterior and interior areas and of airport facilities.
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New major partnership between ESA and Athens International Airport

ESA Security Solutions is proud to announce its new partnership with Athens International Airport, following an international tendering process that ended in November 2022.

ESA provides complete aviation security services in one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects carried out in the country, Athens International Airport.

As of March 2023, the number of screeners at Athens airport is close to 300, all certified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Additionally, on behalf of Athens International Airport, we also handle:

  • Access control and screening of people and hand luggage at the satellite terminal and at all critical points in the airport
  • Inspection of cargo and mail, flight and airport supplies
  • Security and access control to General Aviation facilities
  • Foot patrols of exterior and interior areas and in airport facilities.
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