Wearable systems for the safety and wellbeing applied in security guards

EU Funds 2014-2020

Project SafeIT (Τ2ΕΔΚ-01862)

(ΕΥΔΕ-ΕΤΑΚ 5567/26.11.2020/21η Amendment)

Wearable systems for the safety and wellbeing applied in security guards

Wearable devices and augmented reality are rapidly evolving and are particularly applicable in the service sector, such as safety, health, education, etc. In the field of security services, in particular the no-contact / lone security positions, device handler technology can offer innovative services.

It can further secure the individual protection of staff in existing security services and improve their mental concentration and perceptual capacity, which assists in decision-making. Portable devices can detect the presence, biometric data of the guardian, and many additional elements that are useful both in the service they perform and the personal safety of the workers.

The goal of the project is to develop systems and applications that will receive and process data from smart wearable to record biometric data for the purposes of health and vital safety monitoring, positioning, and presence / commencement / ending of the shift, direct notification, and other required services, such as indications of danger, attack, etc. These devices will automatically wirelessly connect with additional equipment (ambient sensors and positional beacons) and their data will be combined with the cameras

Systems of Augmented / Mixed reality will also be developed in addition to simply record and track signals, more effectively manage the data from incident management center operators and supporting decision-making by the end user (security agent), using machine - learning techniques.

The development of AR interfaces for managing information in the field of security services is an innovation of the project. Also, the development of ergonomic interfaces based on the geometric representation of the area of interest combined with the use of maps in an augmented reality environment is another innovation the project aspires to introduce. Finally, all applications that will be deployed will respect the privacy of users by complying to the requirements of innovative and academically recognized methodologies, while ensuring all the technical and organizational requirements set by the new General Data Protection Regulation 2016 / 679 (GCC-GDPR) are met.

SafeIT is the first national effort in Greece to develop an integrated augmented / mixed reality platform that acts on both the field and the control center. ESA, the leader of the project, Senseworks, Intelia, University of Aegean and the University of Thrace joined their efforts toward promoting a sustainable cooperation between the academic community and the labor market.

Further details: https://www.safeitproject.com

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